Darlington School: 4 Years of Theatre Memories & Honoring Seniors Who Participated in the Darlington Players
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4 Years of Theatre Memories & Honoring Seniors Who Participated in the Darlington Players

Shelley Daniel | May 6, 2020 | 290 views

Before Darlington closed her doors for the spring semester, this week was slated for the much-anticipated annual Senior Show.

Each May fine arts students gather to perform, share their work, and reminisce about all of the wonderful artistic things we accomplished in the year. Selfishly, it's also an opportunity for me to say one more "hello" before graduation, as most of the Darlington Players come out to participate and support the event.

During the Senior Show, each fine arts faculty member takes a moment to speak, recognize student involvement, and share small tokens of their appreciation. I enjoy recognizing all of the seniors who participated in a Fall Play or Winter Musical at some point during their upper school years, and I often find myself a little misty-eyed in the process. 

The class of 2020 has 23 students who were involved at some point during their freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior year in the Darlington Players. Some participated in one production, and some in eight. Others fell somewhere in between. How I wish we all had "just one more" year together. One more year to face new challenges and dive in as an ensemble. One more year to make memories. There is never enough time it seems. And "saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow...."

Class of 2020 Darlington Players, what an incredible group of technicians and performers you are! As this project evolved, I couldn't help but marvel at your growth, versatility, bravery, and sheer talent. This year, I give you a 30 minute trip down memory lane. All 23 students are represented in this collection, as well as a variety of underclassmen and alumni.

I hope this video will remind you of the incredible journeys you have taken, and the friends you have made. I hope it will warm your heart the way it has mine. You should feel such pride in your theatrical accomplishments. Thank you Class of 2020 actors and techies, for being such remarkable thespians, such remarkable people, and for the deep imprint you have left at Darlington School and in my life!

Keep shining,

Ms. Daniel, Upper School Theatre Director

Class of 2020 Actors and Techies:

4 Year Participants

Nick Powell – 8 shows

Abby Burris – 8 shows

Amber Fields – 8 shows

Michael Hall – 8 shows

Sophie Jin – 8 shows

Leelee Barnes – 7 shows

Caleb Baldwin – 7 shows

Chloe Duck – 5 shows

3 Year Participants:

Sharon Sun – 6 Shows

Abigail Yerke – 6 shows

Neal Yin – 5 shows

Alexander Greene – 4 shows

2 Year Participants:

Alfred Dai – 4 shows

Rhema Onyia – 4 shows

Frances Fields – 2 shows

Molly Mansell –2 shows

Dani Sims – 2 shows

1 Year Participants:

Makiya Mayes – 1 show

Bella Cox – 1 show

Camille Temple – 1 show

Carlie Chisolm – 1 show

Trang Dang – 1 show

Kia Stocks – 1 show