Darlington School: Senior Ventures Spotlight: Trang Dang's Final Project
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Senior Ventures Spotlight: Trang Dang’s Final Project

Trang Dang | May 26, 2020 | 41 views

For my Senior Ventures project, I have been writing a fictional story where the main characters apply math concepts to solve the challenges they encounter along their journey. The book is a platform to show students math applications outside of the classroom in a fun, creative way. The main goal of the book is to encourage students to approach math problems using logic and abstract thinking rather than memorizing long boring equations. After reading the book, I hope students will realize that they can derive core equations they see in textbooks. With each problem, the book will explain how to generalize the situation, how to break down the problem to its component forms, how to establish connections between variables, and how to manipulate numbers. There will be Algebra, Geometry, Statistic, and Calculus concepts inside the story, but anyone from any high school math level will be able to follow the explanations.

I was inspired to complete this project because, as a student tutor at Darlington, one thing I can’t help but notice is that there is a popular negative sentiment towards math. Most students think that math is impractical, boring, and frustrating. I think that if they can see math applications outside of the classroom in a fun, creative way, the overall experience with the subject will greatly improve. 

For my end result, I imagine my project to be a small book of ten to twelve chapters with an index explaining the math concepts that each chapter evolves around. I have not completed the book, but I am definitely going to continue to work on it in the future. I want to share my project first by using it in my tutor sessions. I want the students that I tutor to have a look at the examples with illustrations relating to their current problems. Hopefully, these short stories will help them or assist me in helping them solve the problems. 

My mentor is Mr. Shorey. Mr. Shorey and I have been working together in his iPeriod to get me acquainted with LaTex, a computer software that allows me to type math equations into documents. He also sends me different sources and inspiration for math short stories.

I hope you enjoy reading a chapter from my book, Saltine Cracker