Darlington School: Important Back-to-School Information & Key Dates 
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Important Back-to-School Information & Key Dates

Brent Bell | July 14, 2021 | 126 views

Dear Darlington Parents,

A variety of projects and campus enhancements have kept campus active this summer. Fresh coats of paint, tree trimming, and new flooring remind us that a new school year is close at hand. That feeling of excitement is even greater this year as we allow ourselves to remember the uncertainty of last summer and the planning involved in trying to meet the requirements to have on-campus learning. 

The purpose of this communication is to clear up any questions related to school policy and the Coronavirus pandemic, and to provide reminders related to the early days of the new school year. 

Students will not be required to wear a face covering to school at the start of the year. If your child chooses to wear one, that is absolutely fine and the school supports that decision. 

The best way to combat the COVID-19 pandemic is to get vaccinated. To that end, Darlington School encourages all eligible members of the community to do so. Vaccination not only protects the individual from serious illness, it also serves to protect the community. So while a significant portion of our community, children under 12, are not eligible to receive the vaccine, I hope that those adults who support them have been or will consider being vaccinated. Associate Director of Upper School Jennifer Rundles has already communicated with our boarding families regarding options and opportunities, and I encourage those families to refer to her email. 

Darlington will not be offering a virtual, or hybrid, learning option this year. We fully expect all students to be on campus at the start of the year. We have added a “virtual learning day” to our student handbooks, and the school will decide when and if that schedule will need to be used. 

Please contact me or your child’s division director if you have any questions. 

Key Dates to Remember 

(additional detailed information has been shared by divisional leadership) 

Aug. 2 - First day of practice for GHSA sports

Aug. 9-10 - Upper School student leaders return and leadership week begins

Aug. 12 - Thatcher Hall “New to You” and Back to School Ice Cream Social 

Aug. 13 - Boarding student move-in day (add link to room blocks)

Aug. 14 - Upper School new student orientation (this includes students new to the Upper School and students new to Darlington)

Aug. 14 - Purple Tie Affair  

In times of uncertainty, we benefit from the consistency of routine. We look forward to the rhythmic consistency of a school year that includes in-person Flag Pole and Chapel (and Chapel attire); full capacity at sporting events; and the simple, day-to-day interactions that are the heart of a healthy, thriving learning environment. In many ways, we as a community will be relearning what this routine looks and feels like. We cannot wait to get started! 

I look forward to seeing you soon, and especially at the Purple Tie Affair as we celebrate and look forward to a great school year! 

Go Tigers!

Brent Bell, Head of School