Darlington School: Soccer Academy Seniors
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Soccer Academy Seniors

Thursday, May 7, 2020 | By Chase Miller | 550 views

These five individuals exemplify the passion and commitment we strive to develop within our Soccer Academy. They have served as great role models in the classroom and on the field as well as in the community. These group of men have won several competitions including their Disney Showcase bracket 2018/19, the Jefferson Cup 2018/2019 and being ranked #1 in Georgia on GotSoccer.

It has been a pleasure working with these seniors as soccer players and as young adults and we are excited to follow them throughout their professional careers. The class of 2020 will be remembered for the passion they lived with and the sacrifices they made to afford their future opportunities. Their loss will be felt but they have left an impression on the Soccer Academy that will never be forgotten and will continue to push our future graduates towards their own successes. 

Their wisdom gained will provide them guidance in future endeavors, their service worked has taught them sacrifice and the honor with which they live their lives makes them all great contributors to society. Thank you for all the great memories and good luck!

Gavin Butler
Options: West Point
Major: TBD

Andrew Ferderer
School-Numerous Options:
-Currently finalizing the appointment process at the United States Coast Guard Academy
-Rochester Institute of Technology 
Major: Engineering

Nick Gilmore
School-Numerous Options:
-Emmanuel College Boston
-School in Melbourne, Australia
Major: Biology Pre-Med

Ryan Kim
Options: UMASS-Amherst
Major: Business

Alex Liddle
Currently at University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW)
Major: Business Pre-Dental