Darlington School: Private Boarding School in Georgia Senior Spotlight: Mary Frances Vest ('15)
Darlington School: Private Boarding School in Rome, GA
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Senior Spotlight: Mary Frances Vest (’15)

Katie Hutchins | April 23, 2015 | 968 views

Mary Frances Vest is a senior in Regester House from Powder Springs, Ga. She has attended Darlington since eighth grade, and has had the rare opportunity to experience campus life as both a day student and a boarding student.

What's your favorite thing about Darlington?
I love how I can connect to teachers. They are always willing to help me, and I can go to them for any help I need. I also love the campus life at Darlington. The Community is harmonious because people from different places around the world are here for one goal, and that is to make Darlington School a great place to be. 

I know that you used to be a day student at Darlington, but then you decided to be a resident here. What made you want to live here on campus?
Because I lived so far away, I had to travel a lot to and from school. I didn't sleep that much and it was hard to handle the homework load living far away. 

As a senior, what was the biggest thing you've taken away from Darlington?
Over the years, I learned how to respect others' opinions. Because I'm surrounded by people from around the world, I realized that not everyone is going to agree with me. I've learned to be more well-rounded and interact with people who are different than me. I think it will help me in the long run as an adult. 

Which parts of the Darlington Community are you a member of?
I am a member of the crew team, Admission Tiger Experts and Ladies' Chorale. 

Who were your top three favorite teachers at Darlington and why?
I would have to say Mr. Cox, Mrs. Ellis, and Mr. McDurmon. I learned so much about English and history, but I also learned a lot of life lessons. They are smart individuals with insight on education and life.

What was your favorite memory at Darlington?
I have a few. I remember one time it was raining and I ran around the lacrosse field with my friends. Also, crew regattas were fun too. We had a bunch of fun on the bus rides there.