Darlington School: Private Boarding School in Georgia Senior Spotlight: Hope Roberson ('15)
Darlington School: Private Boarding School in Rome, GA
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Senior Spotlight: Hope Roberson (’15)

Ella Yang | April 28, 2015 | 879 views

Hope Roberson is a senior from Rome who has been at Darlington for three-and-a-half years. She has done well academically while also balancing sports activities and leadership positions. Not only does she have numerous honors and awards, but great patience and kindness as well.

How long have you been at Darlington?
I came to Darlington in January of my freshman year. I transferred from another school after the first semester.

Why did you choose Darlington?
My family has always known about Darlington. My dad went here along with several other family members and my grandfather, Elbert Sr., helped coach the football team for about 35 years. I came to Darlington because I knew it had a lot to offer, academically and socially. It has rigorous classes that challenge the students along with several fun events like RUMPUS for the social side.

What is the most impressive thing to you about Darlington?
The most impressive thing to me about Darlington is the way everyone treats each other. The students were all welcoming, and the teachers are extremely helpful and understanding. It was nice to come and be treated so well. Also, Darlington places a lot of trust in their students and respects the students enough to give some freedom.

How do you feel about residential life in Darlington?
I love residential life. I am a day student and have a leadership position in Regester House, so I am lucky enough to have a dorm room! It is a great experience to see both sides of Darlington, day and boarding. Residential life also introduces the students to lots of culture, and it is neat to learn about the differences in people's backgrounds.

Can you share one interesting thing that happened in the dorms?
Randomly one day last year, I was staying in the dorms. It was after study hall, and some girls and I decided to have a dance party. One girl brought out her sound system, and we just had a bunch of fun! It was hilarious because we all were goofing off and just being silly, so it was a great time.

Could you tell us about the teacher you most appreciate?
One of the teachers I am grateful for is Mr. Cox. For starters, he's such a cool person. I remember sitting in his freshman English I Honors class, hearing some of his stories and thinking about how interesting his life is. He's done a Tough Mudder race, which is pretty insane, he's traveled, and he has a story about a motorcycle gang too (among many other cool stories).

Mr. Cox is a phenomenal teacher, and he pushes students to learn. Also, I was lucky to have him as one of my coaches for cross country. He'd always cheer me on and tell me to push a little bit harder, so of course, I pushed. Mr. Cox has helped me to grow, greatly. I was challenged academically and physically. Also, he helped me with things even when I wasn't in his class anymore. If I had a question about English, he'd let me ask him. Plus, Mr. Cox helped me write an essay for a college application as well. Oh, and Rule #1: don't panic.

Another teacher I appreciate is Mr. Titus. Last year, I had him for three 45-minute class periods in a row, two for AP Biology, and one for Anatomy. So, I spent a lot of time in that classroom. Mr. Titus always checked on me to see how I was doing, and not just regarding school. He'd ask about my weekend or what I was thinking about college-wise. Also, I'd make tea in his room, and we'd have "tea time" before class started.

When I needed extra help before a test, he'd meet me during lunch to review the material, which was quite helpful. This year, he let me hatch chickens! Mr. Titus got some eggs, and I would check the incubator daily, and two hatched! We named them Happy Feet and Blaze. Mr. Titus is a neat guy as well. He has cool stories, and I think it's great when I'm outside during lunch and I see him biking around campus.

He still checks on me when he sees me and asks me how I'm doing. It's nice having teachers who care so much about their students. Oh! Ask Mr. Titus about how "saving the mousse" means someone is going to college!

How do you feel about our current schedule with A weeks and B weeks?
I like the rotating schedule. It changes, so the days don't feel as repetitive since the schedule isn't the same order everyday. The two week rotation allows for a mix up of the normal order of classes.

One thing you think Darlington should change?
One thing Darlington should change is...students should be allowed to sleep in late and miss advisee if they have a free period first.

Could you give some advice for juniors?
Juniors, if you're struggling with a class, ask a teacher for help. Ask what you can do to better grasp the material or ask if the teacher is willing to spend some time outside of class to help you with it. It sounds like a lot of work, but it is completely worth it. Also, don't overly stress. A little stress and pressure isn't a bad thing, but don't let grades control your life. Enjoy little moments with your friends. Have fun.