Darlington School: Admission: Why Teachers are Critical to the Success of a Campus Visit 
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Admission: Why Teachers are Critical to the Success of a Campus Visit

DeLean Brandon | October 21, 2015 | 648 views

Earlier this year, science teacher Justin Merriam was one of several teachers who helped fourth-graders learn "survival skills" around campus just like the children in their summer reading book, "Stranded," had done.

My colleagues amazed me today... but this is nothing new.

Today, we had a family from Cartersville, Ga., here to tour Thatcher Hall. They have rising third and fourth-graders for next year as well as a pre-kindergarten student for the following year. The mother speaks little English, so Spanish teacher Ashley Evans was kind enough to be our translator at the beginning of our tour. The family was so impressed!

Then, science teacher Justin Merriam walked and toured with us while answering questions about grades 3-5 and his science program. We then met Spanish teacher Cristy Baldwin, who just happens to be from the same hometown as the mother. What a small world! Cristy relieved Ashley and helped with the middle grades and first grade tour. The family was blown away!

Caitlin Alexander welcomed us into her first-grade classroom. The family enjoyed hearing about her lessons on vegetables and how she incorporates math and English. We then visited the second-grade classroom, where visiting wildlife expert Kim Kilgore was showing the students different animals and sharing facts about them.

We then went to the Upper School, where they got a glimpse into Christie Atkins' math class. They really enjoyed seeing the interaction between the teachers and students. They were also thrilled with our diversity and all of the opportunities that Darlington offers the students. To top it off, we walked into Crystal Cleveland's Spanish room and the students carried on conversations with our visitors. They also performed the flamenco dance!

Who could have asked for a better tour?! 

The experience this family had today on our campus was truly memorable, and that's exactly what we hope to provide on each and every campus visit. While a prospect may come in asking, "Why Darlington?" we hope that all prospective families leave the tour thinking, "How could I not choose Darlington?!" It is teachers and students who make this goal a reality. 

I am thrilled with the teamwork and genuine excitement that everyone showed today, and I am blessed to work with wonderful people who are passionate about teaching children. Thank you and I can't wait to visit your classrooms on future tours!

If you know a family who is interested in learning more about Darlington or coming to tour our campus, feel free to contact me or have them fill out this form to request a visit.