Darlington School: Senior Venture Spotlight: Anna Zhang
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Senior Venture Spotlight: Anna Zhang

Anna Zhang | December 3, 2020 | 42 views

My Senior Ventures project focuses on teaching others about sexual harassment and assault through art. This is a sensitive issue, and I feel there is a lot of uncertainty and confusion around this topic. This uncertainty is not our fault because the legal definition of sexual harassment is confusing, obscure, and sometimes it may be based on the emotional state of the victims. Additionally, sometimes sexual harassment and sexual assault are used interchangeably, though they are different. Thus, for my senior venture, I would like to create a series of artwork, using conflicting colors and proper symbolism, to reveal truths about this pressing issue that are rarely exposed. My goal is to enable more individuals to be educated about what behaviors may be defined as sexual harrassment or sexual assault so they will know when to protect themselves.  

First, I will complete research and work to discover all the behaviors, both obvious and obscure, that should be defined as sexual harassment or assaults. I will be working with experts in the fields of art and mental health to assist me with having a more comprehensive understanding of this topic. Together, we will develop a way to present the issue in an abstract and appropriate manner. I am determined to create a series of powerful artworks that include 10 pieces of images and use the same colors in each piece. These will be created with precisely cut and layered paper. Then I will display the works around campus and post them on social media to raise more awareness. Also, I will create a video to illustrate my project to help others better understand the abstract symbolism in each work. I will be using animals as harassers to create a contrast of oppressive criminals and vulnerable victims.

My Darlington mentors are Mr. Owen Kinney, Ms. Tannika King and Mrs. Christina Kopp. My community mentor is alum Kim King (‘05), director of the Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia

The Senior Ventures leadership program is a year-long senior project built on a framework of leadership, innovation, and community engagement. The topic and the project design are chosen by an individual student or a pair of students, and the journey is guided by Darlington faculty as well as mentors in the community. Most projects fall into one of the following categories: Investigation, Performance, Entrepreneurship, and Outreach. Candidates are selected according to proposal quality, feasibility, and commitment.