Darlington School: Darlington Digital Players Repertory Company Presents "The Mystery of Custodia"
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Darlington Digital Players Repertory Company Presents “The Mystery of Custodia”

Shelley Daniel | November 12, 2020 | 447 views

The Mystery of Custodia!” is a musical comedy presented by the Darlington Digital Players Repertory Company with music & lyrics by Dylan MarcAurele and book by Mike Ross with the story and additional content by lead producer Larry Little. The associate producer was Timothy E. O'Connell and assistant producer was Nicholas Reinhart. It is being premiered for worldwide audiences on the school’s YouTube channel at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 12. Created by Creative Productions and Theatricals, this production features 11 actors and was written in the spring of 2020 specifically for schools needing digital options for theater. 

“I selected this production because Larry Little and his team at CPA Theatricals have eliminated all of the roadblocks that are normally faced with licensing and rights and made it what it needs to be for high school students to be able to continue doing what they love,” said Daniel. “This musical is a gift to schools right now because it’s allowing us to do theater and have the flexibility to adapt to our company. Every actor has a featured monologue and many have one or more solos as well.”  

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Hi-Mount School is in crisis! Mr. Humphrey, the school custodian mysteriously stopped showing up, leaving Drama Teacher Ms. McGery to take up his place. Beloved Lunch Lady Linda has mysteriously disappeared without a trace, and there’s a mysterious wallet with some disturbing notes found in Custodia!

When Drama Club member (and amateur sleuth) Foster has to bring the dead classroom goldfish down to Custodia–a mysterious area of school where custodians and rumors abound–she gets more than she bargained for when she takes up the case! Enlisting the help of her fellow Drama Club members, and trying to hold the meddlesome school reporter at bay, Foster tries to solve the greatest mystery of them all: The Mystery of Custodia.


Kathryn Davidson (‘22) - Foster
Elliot Luitwieler (‘22) - Skip Sinwell
Madison Rogers (‘21) - Carol
Daria Black (‘21) - Lucy
Grayson Davis (‘22) - Travis
Audrey Montgomery (‘21) - Carrie
Oluwasiji Soetan (‘21) - Maddox
Izzie Warden (‘21) - Terry
Ellie Allen (‘23) - Ms. McGery
Claire Smith (‘23) - Carter
John Johnson (‘24) - Lane
Favour Olushola (‘21) - Prop Design
Gracie Willerson (‘22) - Assistant Director
Mary Prusakowski (‘22) - Stage Manager / Poster Art Design
Mary Mac Pittman (‘22) - Assistant Stage Manager / Sound Effects / Background Storyboard
Emma Sklar (‘22) - Assistant Stage Manager / Costume Design
Nadejda Spasova (‘22) - Sound Effects / Background Storyboard
Annika Patel (‘23) - Assistant Stage Manager / Prop Design
Parker Scott (‘23) - Sound Effects / Background Storyboard
Virginia Olivera (‘23) - Costume Design
Janet Scott-Crossland (‘23) - Costume Design
Wesley Inman (‘23) - Prop Design
Kimberly Johnston (‘24) - Prop Design
Jesse Drobisch (‘24) - Sound Effects / Background Storyboard
Karina Patel (‘24) - Costume Design