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El Museo de Cera (the Wax Museum)

Cristy Baldwin | March 21, 2016 | 752 views

The Wax Museum had a "habla español" button! 

Did you have a chance to visit the third grade's Wax Museum? If you did, you know what I'm talking about. If you didn't, you missed a lot! This was my first time visiting the Wax Museum. Being a Spanish teacher, I immediately noticed the "español" button and went straight for it. I pressed the "español" button on every one of the displays.

Boy was I in for a surprise! Not only were each one of those "figures" (characters) able to introduce themselves in correct Spanish and tell me where they were from—they were all capable of telling me why they were honorable, in keeping with this year's theme. I listened as one after another, they told me a bit about their lives. They thanked me for coming to the Wax Museum as they bid me farewell!

I did not have a chance to go back and listen to the English version of the presentation, but I believe what I did hear was amazing! These kids were able to come to life when I pressed the button and speak as if they came from a Spanish-speaking country!

If you missed this opportunity, I hope you'll take the time next year to be amazed like I was.

I could see that a lot of hard work and effort went into this. This is another example of how much you can stretch an experience for these students. I believe one day in the future they will remember this experience fondly. I know that I will. This is just one more reason why I'm proud to be a Darlington Tiger!